A Viking Clothing Brand

We’re an independent Viking clothing brand that loves all things Norse. Our goal is to offer you an awesome selection of cool Viking clothing that you can wear every day. We’re constantly expanding our range so keeping checking our website, or sign up to our mailing list for new releases and exclusive offers.

An old illustration print showing Odin seated on his high seat, surrounded by his wolves and ravens.
Odin's Tower is a Viking Clothing Brand.

What’s in a name?

Our name is inspired by Odin’s high-seat Hlidskjalf, a tower from where he can look out over the entire universe and gain great knowledge. The concept of a high-place where one can view the world was an important symbol Norse culture. By meditating on a high platform one could obtain incredible insight, knowledge, and wisdom.

Our Operation

We use a Print-On-Demand service to produce our clothing. This allows us to provide a large range of designs without the huge upfront costs and warehousing fees required with large-run, screen printed tees. The Direct-To-Garment (DTG) digital printing approach has become very popular in recent years due to a huge improvement in garment printing technology. In fact, the quality now matches screen printing although with advantages such as better softness, stretchability and image resolution. We assure you, you’ll be impressed by the quality!

DTG printing. People using direct-to-garment printer.

Quality Garments

We use quality t-shirts with that are soft, durable and have a modern, stylish cut. Be assure they will look good and wear well. After all, the Vikings always looked good even in battle!

Latest Printing Tech

Our t-shirts are printed using the latest technology. We use water-based, eco-friendly and CPSIA compliant inks which are softer than screen-printed shirts but just as durable.

Fast Service

With printing facilities in both Europe and North America and a 300-strong crack team of employees, we will get your t-shirts to you faster.


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