Modern Viking Clothing

An independent Viking clothing brand. Norse-inspired designs for modern-day berserkers.

All our designs are created by us. This means you get the highest quality print and are supporting independent artists.

About the brand

We’re a Viking clothing company offering Norse-inspired designs to modern-day berserkers. Whether you are a follower of the Old-Ways, a fashion conscious history buff, or someone just proud of their heritage, these clothes are dedicated to you.

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Hand-drawn illustration of Asgard with Odin's tower

Hlidskjalf: A Place To View The Cosmos

Odin’s Tower is named after "Hlidskjalf", the high-seat of from which Odin watches out over the entire universe.

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Regular posts about Viking history, inspirational quotes and awesome artwork.

The sacred Norse Uppsala Temple in Sweden
A man with an awesome viking tattoo sleeve.
A pack of Viking wolves howling
A Viking Algiz rune, otherwise known as the Life rune, in a natural forest setting in Europe.
Warriors on a Viking longship holding flaming torches.


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